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Stress of Divorce Calls for Non-Stressful Legal Help

Diane Lilli

Maybe you’re one of the fifty percent of Americans who have endured the pain of a drawn out divorce. Men and women of all ages, races, and income brackets share the same fate when it comes to breaking apart the bonds of marriage: stress.

Currently, celebrity Demi Moore, who is going through what appears to be a painful divorce, is in the news. Even with all of her beauty, endorsements, money and high-profile Hollywood success - even though she is an independent woman with happy children - Demi Moore appears to be suffering from the pangs of her divorce, as she was rushed to the hospital after a 911 call from her home, where a friend told authorities she had not been eating and was convulsing.

So what are you to do? Who can you really trust when your lifelong partner - the very person you swore to love until the day you die - will no longer be your spouse?
Do you have to fall apart when your marriage breaks apart?

Bari Zell-Weinberger, a lawyer who specializes in divorce and the founding partner of “Weinberger Law Group” said no - you do not have to add further pain to your life even in this most painful of times.

“Since our firm exclusively practices in divorce and family law, we see first hand how divorce impacts families from all angles,” she noted. “We work very hard to help amicably resolve all our client’s divorces, unfortunately, this is not always possible. One of the first things I decided was that even though I may have to be tough in divorce proceedings I do not have to cause more friction and pain - and expense - by causing more legal fees and arguments during divorce negotiations.”

Zell-Weinberger said she is very settlement minded, when appropriate.
“We want to help people resolve their matter so they can begin a new chapter in their lives, said Zell-Weinberger. “When children are involved, research as shown that the most important factor that determines how severe the impact will be is parental conflict and how it is handled. Every attorney at our firm recognizes that we need to help our clients work through their issues in a manner than keeps the conflict and high emotions at a minimum as much as possible.”

But part of the stress associated with divorce is concern for the children.

“Divorce is particularly hard on children,” she said. “How the divorce is handled - how all the conflict is handled - will be a determining factor in not only the parties involved but also that of his or her children.”

When choosing your divorce lawyer, since many law firms do not focus exclusively in divorce, just like a picking the perfect surgeon for your operation, it’s critical to hire someone who handles all-things-divorce day in and day out. This after all is the only way to ensure that they are up on the latest case law.

So how do you pick the right law firm?

“I really believe it’s vital to choose a law firm like mine, because you really want to hire someone who exclusively practices divorce and family law,” said Zell-Weinberger. “You have to protect yourself from the legal pitfalls that can arise from not hiring the right lawyer. The outcome of your divorce doesn’t just affect your finances, as we all know, it can affect your parenting and your future. It isn’t just about who gets the kids either, it can also affect your ability to relocate to take a job or try and seek a modification of your existing agreement.”

According to current reports, up to 90 percent of all divorces include one spouse in the marriage that wants out of the union. And, 72 percent of all divorcing spouses are treated for depression.Though stressful, it is not necessary to add to your stress by hiring a lawyer who is looking to engage in a lucrative “War of the Roses” type battle.

“We can’t make it pain free,” said Zell-Weinberger. “But we can educate our clients and keep them informed every step of the way which he have found tends to helps ease their anxiety and stress level.

As for Demi Moore, who is enduring a painful divorce in the fishbowl of the public eye, this divorce legal eagle had some good advice.

“Everyone needs a highly knowledgable attorney who has the resources to be there for someone going through a divorce,” added Zell-Weinberger. “This is why we have 2 attorneys assigned to every client so that if someone is out of the office, there is always someone available to help. We understand the sensitive nature of divorce issues and we have built a firm designed to be there for everyone of our clients so that they always know we are here for them. We have clients from around the world. because we have built a strong reputation of looking out for everyone of our clients and their families.”

If you would like to learn more about divorce, there is an interesting free Webinar called “the 5 Critical Risks of Divorce” at www.freedivorcewebinar.com or visit their web-site at www.weinbergerlawgroup.com.

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